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Founder and CEO of 630 Sneaker Cleaning, LLC, Cheryl Lee Bowers, was born & raised in East New York Brooklyn in the late 1970’s. My love of Sneakers began in my early youth as I watched guys on the corner rocking the latest kicks. I would ask mother to buy me the sneakers that I’d see but she always said no. My mother bought sneakers once a year and they had to cost no more than $64.99 with taxes.


First day of school I got a new pair of sneakers which I had to learn to keep clean for the rest of the year so that I didn’t get teased for wearing dirty sneakers. I didn’t have the latest sneakers but my mother bought me a decent pair and I learned to take very good care of them. I cleaned my own sneakers consistently from kindergarten to the 10th grade. Cleaning my sneakers daily became the norm for me.


During the 10th grade I started working and was soon able to buy my own sneakers, with my own money.  The first pair of Jordan's I bought were the Flu Game 12’s. But, after seeing everyone at school wearing the same kicks the next day, I kindly returned my Jordan's and bought the Ken Griffey's instead. Being like everyone else was not my thing. I have a very eclectic, fashionable and daring, bold style. With my new financial freedom, I purchased more sneakers than I’d ever imagined, in an effort to fill the void of not having a variety of sneakers growing up.


Many years ago. My mother told me that I should open a sneaker store or run a business in the arena of sneakers because she saw the passion I had for sneakers.  On my journey back to Brookly in 2014, I encountered a lot of people who wanted and needed their sneakers cleaned but didn't know where to go or who to trust. Sneakers are a very big deal!!! You can’t just trust them with anybody.


How I got started was at a job I held at a women’s shelter in Brooklyn a few years ago.  A co-worker of mine had a pair of Yeezy's she wanted to wear but they were dirty so I offered to clean them for $25. I did such a great job that my co-worker told somebody who told somebody.  Next thing you know, I got a side hustle cleaning sneakers.


Because word of mouth was spreading so quickly, I decided to take a leap of faith and start a Sneaker Cleaning business.  The most seemingly challenging part of the process was creating a company name that represents part of who I am.  After brainstorming all day, the name came to me during the middle of the night. Since I’m from 630 Stanley Avenue, Linden Houses, and this is where it all started, I decided to name my company 630 Sneaker Cleaning, LLC.  Soon after, I created an Instagram page of all of the kicks I cleaned, before and after pics. Soon after posting, a neighborhood Cleaners reached out on one of my IG posts asking if I wanted to collaborate and that is how 630 Sneaker Cleaning, LLC began to flourish and provide nothing but the best quality services to you. 

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