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Turnaround 1-2 Days(depending on condition)
(Excluding icing which takes 5-7days.)


630 Sneaker reserves the right to refuse to clean or restore any sneakers/shoes. We do not guarantee that all stains (wine, coffee, blood, oil/grease & paint stains, material/dye bleeding) and/or pre-existing damage or defects will be removed.

630 Sneaker Cleaning cannot keep unclaimed sneakers/shoes for more than 7 days unless otherwise agreed. Failure to collect sneakers/shoes after the 7 day grace period will result in a $10 per week storage fee. After 6 months, unclaimed sneakers/shoes will be donated to charity. 

Damage Policy

630 Sneaker Cleaning will make reasonable efforts to provide high-quality cleaning services. We accept no liability for sneaker/shoe materials bleeding (such as suede dye) or changing as a result of standard treatment procedures. If possible, measures are applied to alleviate these issues. If a claim is made 3 days after the customers collection, pick up or delivery, 630 sneaker cleaning declines responsibility for lost or damaged items. 

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